My Font Pick For 2022


Hi creative queen!

believe it or not, font have its trend every year.
Bu looks like 2022 trend is my absolute favorite 😍

It's sweet, elegant, sparkly and... just OH hits my sweet spot. 
Here are my 5, knee trembling, absolute BABE fonts that I think you should be adding to your collection this year 💕


1. Malibu By Sensatype 

Absolutely gorgeous, sweet and lovely. 
This type of font is everywhere on the social media now, and if you want to ride this wave, this font will hit the spot for sure.
$15 for Desktop License. 


If you are looking for more bohemian trendy style, then this one is IT.
Just typing one word with this font will make a gorge decal! 
$14 for desktop license. 




She is sassy, she is queen, she is fearless.
You can use her for your logo, SVG design and just to make you happy-
Yes, I call her her, because it got a BIG personality.

This font also comes with 3 weights: light, regular and bold.
$29 for Desktop License. 



Not sure about you, but I am obsessed with retro, 70s vibes. 
Not a fan? Hold on a minute. THIS font, you'll LOVE.

While it is indeed inspired by 70s retro designs, this font also managed to add elegance and class to it.
Love how this font gives such nostalgic vibes!

It can be used for various projects: wedding, invitation, logo designing, t-shirt making.. and much more! 100% a must-have font of all time. 

$20 for Desktop license.



If you are looking for something solid, no playing around, straight-forward type of font that is trendy and popping, then you won't regret getting this one.

Perfect for boho themed designs, and what I love the most about this font is that you can also enjoy ALL CAP designs as well!

$29 for Desktop License.



Hope you enjoyed this list! 
Let me know if you have any request on font / product suggestion!

** Disclaimer:
This blog article contains affiliate link. 
If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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