Single-Use Commercial License
Single-Use Commercial License
Single-Use Commercial License

    Single-Use Commercial License


    Single-use Commercial License Terms

    This commercial license is a "add-on" item for FREE SVG & PNG design from our website HERE


    1. Purchase your license(s)
    2. Download free designs you wish to use for your business 
      (you will need to check out "personal" use $0 if you buy this license prior, to avoid double charge).
    3. Use this design(s) for your business 


    • 1 commercial license allows you to make & sell 1 end physical product
    • Covers up tp 500 sales
    • You will need to purchase an additional license if sale exceed the limit
    • Simply keep the PDF document + license number you will receive when you complete the purchase. 
    • NOT allowed to resell or distribute designs in ANY DIGITAL FORMS.
    • NOT allowed to modify and re-sell as digital files. 
    • NOT allowed to add any elements or words that are violent, abusive, racist, sexist or any other inappropriate expressions. 


    F: Can I purchase multiple licenses and hold it for the future updated designs?
    A: Yes you can! As long as you are following the policy and rule, you are more than welcome to hold it until you decide which designs you will use for your business!

    F: So basically 1 commercial license per 1 design? 
    Q: Yes and No. I think it's easier to remember 1 commercial license per 1 end product.

    Let's say you downloaded multiple free designs and created 1 mug to sell for your business. In this case, even if you are using multiple designs, you are selling only 1 product. Thus you only need 1 commercial license, and you can sell this mug up to 500 times. 

    Now, let's say this mug was a success and you'd like to expand the collection. Now you want to make same design but with t-shirt. Then you will need to purchase another license for creating an additional end product. 

    If you have any further issues or questions, please contact me HERE


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