SVG Files: How It Works


Hello! Glad to see you here!
In this page, you will learn:

1. After You Purchased SVG / Digital Files
- Unzipping the File
- Cutting Machine Overview
2. License rules (What you can & cannot do)
- What Is Allowed
- What Is NOT Allowed
3. Single-Use License
- Overview
- How to Get Single-Use License
- Difference Between Commercial & POD
4. Unlimited License ( Monthly Plan)
- Overview
I Subscribed. What Now?
5. Return & Exchange Policy

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team to: 

1. What Happens After I purchase my digital item? 
Checkout & download Zip file(s)
  • Files will be available to download instantly upon payment approval.
  • Your purchased file can be viewed from your account when you are logged in. We recommend you to create an account for this purpose.

  • Unzip the file 
    With Windows
    With Mac

  • With Cricut: 
    After unzipping your purchased file, access SVG files / folders. 
    Cricut takes SVG files for cutting. 
    Cricut takes PNG files for Print & Cut feature. 
    You can learn about this more in detail from HERE

  • With Cameo Silhouette:
    Please use DXF File for Cameo Silhouette Basic Edition.
    (If you have Designer edition, you can use SVG files).

  • Other Major Cutting Machines:
    Most Likely, SVG is your BFF. 
    If you are having issues, please shoot an e-mail to:

  • Print with Home Printer
    You can use PNG file to print designs with your home printer. 
    Quality of each designs should be large enough for your project, but if you need larger size, please contact us!  

  • If you are using Font file (OTF or TTF)
    You will need to install these files onto your computer first! Please DO NOT try to install them directly onto your Cricut or Cameo Silhouette software.

2. License rules (What you can & cannot do)

All of our SVG cut files (including single & bundle SVG) are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. 

If you'd like to use our designs for your business, please purchase one of our licenses that fits to your needs.
For all licenses, here's the general guideline:

  1. Create physical products for your business.
    (Physical product example: T-shirts, mugs, signs, keychains, wine tumblers... you get the idea!

  2. Create a logo, blog banner, ebook designs, etc.
    Please make sure that the design will not be able to altered or downloaded solely by your followers / customers.

  1. Re-sell in any digital form by reverse engineer or howsoever amend any or all designs from Caluya Design.

  2. Create any derivative works based on any or all Items.

  3. Re-sell or distribute our designs as your own IN ANY DIGITAL FORMATS.

  4. Use any or all Items to generate, create, produce or howsoever associated such Items to defamatory, offensive, harmful or abusive materials or articles

If violation is reported or found, our attorney will contact you with initial warning.
If your Etsy shop is warned, we will also report your shop directly to Etsy.

3. Single-Use License
- This item is an add-on license to any of our SVG files. 
- This is a one-time payment license, and by purchasing this license you are adding up to 1000 unit end products. 
- This license is valid PER single SVG / free SVG / SVG Bundle. 

If the item you wish to use is listed as a single item ($1) or free SVG, you are adding this license sorely to the design.
If you are adding this license to SVG bundle:

Let's say you got SVG Bundle and created 1 mug to sell for your business. In this case, even if you are using multiple designs, you are selling only 1 product. Thus you only need 1 commercial license, and you can sell this mug up to 1000 times. 

Now, let's say this mug was a success and you'd like to expand the collection. Now you want to make same design but with t-shirt. Then you will need to purchase another license for creating an additional end product. 

  • "Single Commercial License" is for  business owners who make, fulfill, ship their own product. 
  • "Single POD License" is for  for business owners who rely on third company to make, fulfill and ship products (aka, drop-shipping business model). 
* If you exceed the sale count, you will require to purchase an additional license. 
* If you wish to use different design from our SVG collection, then you will need to purchase separate license for it.
How to Get "add-on" single-use license
Each of the SVG product page have 3 options:
  • personal
  • commercial
  • POD

Please choose the types of license you wish to purchase, OR

CLICK HERE for Single Commercial License 
CLICK HERE for Single POD License 

    What is the difference between commercial vs POD? 

    If you are creating your own product, fulfilling them and shipping them on your own from your own facility or home, then select "commercial" license.|

    If you are using third party company ( such as Printify, Printful, Shutterfly... etc) to fulfill and ship the product you sell, then select POD as your license.

    POD stands for Print-ON-Demand, which also include drop-shipping business model. 

     4. Unlimited License ( Monthly Plan )

    CLICK HERE TO SEE PRICE PLANS for both Basic License & POD Licenses. 

    If you wish to use ALL of our SVG for your business UNLIMITED times, then Unlimited License Monthly Plan will be suitable for you.


    •  $8.99 per month
    • UNLIMITED use of our SVG designs for your business
    • Unlimited usage WHILE subscribing to plans
    • Basic Plan is for business owners who make, fulfill, ship their own product.
    • PRO Plan is for business owners who rely on third company to make, fulfill and ship products (aka, dropshipping business model). 
    • This is an add-on license subscription. Thus, for paid designs ($1 SVG & SVG Bundles) need to be purchased as "personal use", then you'd be paring this plan to use them for your business. So for paid SVGs, please: choose "personal" option > Check Out > Use them for your business (your name is registered on our end, so you may do so even if you checked out as a personal use license). 

    I Subscribed. What Now?  

    Once you sign up to subscribe, your information will be registered on our list.
    You can keep your receipt as a proof. 

    Go ahead and visit any SVG product page, 
    check out PERSONAL SVG, then use them for your business. 
    Since we have you on our system, you are good to go!

    *This plan is $8.99 per month, and you will hold the right to use ALL of our SVG designs for your business, unlimited times while subscribing.
    ( Please note you will lose your right with the termination of subscription).

    You can subscribe to unlimited license plan from here:


    5. Return & Exchange Policy
    Upon the payment approval, you will have instant access to our digital products. 
    Because of this reason, we do not offer refund or exchange.
    1. If you purchase a same product twice by mistake
    2. If purchased design contains trademarked quotes and unable to use for your business
    For reasons above, we will issue a refund or exchange.
    Please contact us to place a request.
    If you find any issues with our digital files, please refer to FAQ page and find a solution first. 
    If you need further issues, please contact us to for assistance. We will be more than happy to walk you through it and try to fix whatever it is that you are experiencing, until it gets solved!!