How To Apply UV DTF Cup Wrap | Mess-Free Step-By-Step Method

Mess-free UV DTF Cup Wrap Application

I have been getting few feedback on how UUV DTF decals being very sticky and hard to apply- I got you! (also I have been working with our supplier to make the sticky part LESS-sticky. so stay tuned!)

But I make my cup with our cup wrap all the time and I think I got it down- so here’s how to apply UV DTF cup wrap step-by-step. (scroll down all the way for a written step-by-step tutorial).

Watch This QUICK Video Tutorial:

(If the video quality is low, please change the quality to 720p from 240p by clicking the cogwheel icon > Quality). 

Written Tutorial 

Please note if you haven’t tried this decal before, the application process might be a bit of a learning curve.

A few things to keep in mind before application are:

First, do not use sublimation glasses—especially the frosted ones—simply because the wrap won’t stick.

Second, please do not use alcohol as it breaks down the adhesive and prevents it from sticking to the glass surface.

The last thing is, once the application process begins and the adhesive touches the glass, it is NOT removable or adjustable. (This is standard with UV DTF decals). 

Step 1: Clean and Prep
Wash your cup with soap and dry completely. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL as it will break down the adhesive. Make sure the surface is free of dust and debris. Cut off any excess clear carrier sheet prior to application to avoid overlapping.

Step 2: Position and Secure
Peel the backing just about an inch, then use scissors to cut 1/2 inch of the backing, exposing the adhesive. Using the unexposed part of the decal, wrap it around your cup and position it carefully. Be extra careful not to push the adhesive area you have left exposed. Once you are happy with the placement, gently push down the exposed adhesive to secure the position. Place the cup on the hard, straight surface, then start peeling the backing as you roll the cup. Once the decal is on the cup, take time to push the decals onto the surface. I usually push between 3-5 minutes with my palm, using body temperature to activate the UV DTF adhesive. Doing this will make your peeling step so much easier, and decals will have less lifting. Transfer is NOT removable or adjustable once it is applied to a surface.

Step 3: Remove Backing
SLOWLY, very slowly peel off the backing paper from the decal, ensuring it doesn't stretch or tear. If any part of the design lifts up as you peel, go back, gently push down on that area, and then resume peeling.

Step 4: Smooth It Out
Use your fingers or palms to smooth out the decal starting from the center and moving outward.

Step 5: Activate
DO NOT wash or use the finished project for 24-48 hours to allow the adhesive to strengthen on the glass.

I hope this helps, and please contact me if you have any questions!
**Please note we are not responsible for UV DTF transfers that are applied incorrectly or damaged during application. No refund or exchange will be offered.

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