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Materials I Used & Brief Tutorial


Brief Tutorial: How I Made This Personalized Bookmark

  1. By using Adobe Illustrator (or Cricut Design Space) I typed out the base name with font: COOL VIBES and assigned colors.   

  2. Typed overlay script with font: FROSTING 
    * Long tail heart designs were added manually by me. You can either design this by yourself by using Adobe Illustrator or by using Procreate, OR simply get a font with heart swirl option like font: EVELYN FONT

  3. Go ahead and save the design ( if you are using Adobe Illustrator) and then start cutting them by colors. Make sure the design fits 5.5 x 1.2" bookmark that we are working on.

  4. Peel the protective sheet from BOOKMARK BLANK, then start applying the vinyls. 
    TIPS: Print out the design you created on a piece of paper so you can use that as a reference when applying vinyl :) I use this method often and definitely a HUGE help! 

  5. If you are using permanent vinyl, you don't necessary have to seal, but if you'd like you can use UV resin to seal your design if you wish!

  6. Finish it up by adding SILK TASSELS  and you are done :)


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