5 Most Asked Craft Blanks

5 most asked craft blanks for Cricut craft


Hi creative queens!
Glad you are here!

I share many reels on my Instagram account, and everyday I get DM asking me about the blanks I use.
So these are the most commonly asked craft blanks that get asked!



1. Canvas Bag


Gifting crafted items can be a bit tricky, I'd have to admit. 
But gifting eco-bag never fails!
- It's something that everyone uses daily
- Saves their money for buying plastic bags
- Design preference doesn't really have to match
- can enjoy seasonal designs also!

I love this product because it offers so many color choices for every events and seasons!


2. Glass Mug

We make many reels with this glass mug, and seems like everyone is curious about this one!

Also to answer "do you seal it"? question:

No, I don't seal the cup. 

I want to enjoy different designs over time, so I usually peel the vinyl off when I'm ready for the next design. 
I do hand wash them, never put it in the dishwasher. 

If you want to seal it,  I'd suggest do some light research what to use!
There are so many different ways ( I want to know them myself lol)


3. Glass Beer Can


For this, I probably get DM every day. 
I own them myself too, and I'm in love!

Makes such an aesthetic gift too. You can..

- Add vinyl 
- Etch design
- Etch shape then add outlined vinyl on top

We have many FREE SVG designs you can use too!


4. Kids PJ


Last Christmas I got these PJ set and made kid's holiday PJ.
It was so much fun and kids absolutely loved it 🥰

This PJ have so many different colors, so you can also do matching PJ regardless of gender or color preference 🥰

Kids PJ is the BEST way to practice your craft skill too, or test out HTV.
Even if you mess it up... your kids is the only one to see it 🤣


5. Blank Circle Keychain

If you are wondering where we get this blank keychain...

Yes, this is one of the bestseller and perfect for gift making!
You can make...
- Party favors for birthday party / baby shower, etc
- Wedding favor with simple monogram
- Back to school gift with UV Resin & Vinyl 
- Add-on item for gift basket for all seasons

... and much more!!!
We offer 15 tassel color options and you can pick and choose your colors to make your own pack. 



Let me know if you want to know any other blanks from us!

Happy crafting! 

-Saori C. 

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