5 Craft Tools I Get Asked The Most For Links


Crafting gadgets gets prettier & clever.
I am definitely the type of crafter if I see anything that might make my crafter life easter, I'd have to hit the "BUY NOW" button.

Here are 5 items I always get DM or comment when I post craft reels on my Instagram account. 
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1. Transfer vinyl 

This is by far the most frequently-asked-to-share item!

I really tried so many transfer vinyl over the years, and ever since this vinyl was introduced, I stopped buying anything else.

(It comes in a roll, so if you prefer a transfer vinyl with backing, this isn’t for you.)

It has 50ft per roll, and I swear this roll takes long time before you use it all up!
Also what I love the most about this is that it’s super easy to work with.

Not as sticky, but can be used few times before toss the piece.
(Yea, I don’t throw away transfer paper after 1 use.. do you?)

I’ve done applying it to cups, tumblers, notebooks, and even making layered decals. This vinyl got your back, girl!


2. Weeding pen

I am actually surprised HOW MANY DMs comments we get on this item!
This is a pen, but instead of ink, you get a sharp needle.

Super convenient, a must-add to your craft room (or closet), and what I love the most about is you can choose so many cute colors / patterns!

These glitter pink and gold weeding pen.. I mean.
Imagine pulling this out from your collection when you weed… Girrrl!

If you are not big fan of the weeding process, (let’s be honest.. some of us definitely have love and hate relationship with weeding) having this pen might even make you excited about the least favorite part of crafting with Cricut !



3. Cup holder (by small biz owner!)

My beautiful and talented content creator / crafter Ariel shared this on her reels few times already.

And every time she show the cup holder, I get bombarded with DMs asking for the link!

No more bulky, PVC pipe cup holder for you creative queen!
This Etsy seller sells this minimal, sleek and compact cup holder for only $8.00 (and with various different color choices)

Looks like she is custom making them with her 3D printer, what a craftsmanship!



4. Neutral Color vinyl 

Many of my SVG designs have neutral color designs, and because of this, I do often get “how do you color match the design to vinyl”?

To be honest, I do have hard time finding color hue that satisfy my needs.
But thinking back ( like year of 2016?) when limited choices of colors were available (like bright red, green blue… remember those days?), things definitely got better.

Teckwrap have variety of color options. They do different hues of pinks, yellows, and also neutral colors such as brown, cream, beige.

This is the 12x12 assortment pack I recently purchased, and I was able to pick and choose many neutral colors for the decal I was working. 

Let me know in the comment if you have any suggestions! I’d love to know!




5. UV Resin & UV Lamp

When it comes to decorating our BLANK KEYCHAIN, UV resin is our go to.
But when we share UV resin craft on our platform, many crafters wanted to know which UV resin we use, as well as the recommended UV Lamp.

Here’s a quick tip and knowledge on UV Resin:
there are 2 different types of resins out there, 1 is ordinary, regular resins. This type of resin usually have part A and part B, and you need to mix these to create resin liquid. You will then pour into mold, then it takes up to 74 hours to fully cure.

2nd typs is UV Resin, and this is what you want to work with if you are sealing or decorating small objects, such as acrylic blanks.
This usually comes in a bottle, ready to be used.

You can use it as is, or you can also mix with glitter, colors to make it personal.
After you are done decorating, you can cure it with UV resin for 60-90 seconds, then the whole process is done!

So for keychain decorating, UV resin is your BFF.

UV Resin:

And this is the UV Lamp that I personally own
(you can use the small lamp, but for harder cure result, I use the one for gel nail. I did try to use small lamp once, but it didn’t cure enough and left UV resin sticky. If this seems to be your issue, your UV lamp isn’t strong enough.)


Hope these answered many of your questions & link requests!

Let me know in the comment if I left out something :)


Happy crafting!

-Saori C.  


** Disclaimer:
This blog article contains Amazon affiliate link. 
If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Hi Jen! Thank you so much for pointing that out! The link has been fixed now!


The links for the vinyl sampler pack all lead to the weeding pen – could you provide an updated link? Super intrigued by the color options! :)


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