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Blank Acrylic Keychain Bundle

Blank Acrylic Keychain Bundle

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Build Your Own Bundle | Acrylic Keychain 

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Discount Chart: 

When you add 10~ Keychain 20% Off
When you add 20~ Keychain 30% Off
When you add 30~ Keychain 45% Off
When you add 50~ Keychain 60% Off
When you add 100~ Keychain 65% Off 


::::: Keychain Specifications ::::: 

Acrylic Blanks:
Material: acrylic
Color: clear
Shape: round
Size: 2 inches in diameter, 3 mm in thickness

Keychain Tassels:
Material: leather suede
Color: 8 colors variety, pick your own
Size: 1 1/2 inches

Key Chain Rings:
Material: metal 
Color: gold & silver
Shape: round with connected chain
Size: 1 inch

Key Chain Hook:
Material: metal
Color: gold & silver
Size: 1.25 length

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