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Paint Brush Printed Acrylic Keychain

Paint Brush Printed Acrylic Keychain

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::::Pre-Printed Paint Brush :::: 

No more layering vinyl, no more tackiness!

We created a special acrylic blank with paint brush already printed INSIDE the acrylic. Paint is "sandwiched" between acrylic, so this brush design won't come off or peel off!

Just personalize it with vinyl, engraving, UV Resin... any method you'd use for acrylic blanks :)

:::: Specifications :::: 

Acrylic Blanks:
Material: acrylic
Design: Paint Brush Design Printed Inside Acrylic, 8 color variations
Shape: round
Size: 2.5 inches in diameter, 3 mm in thickness

Keychain Tassels:
Material: leather suede
Color: 8 colors variety, pick your own
Size: 1 1/2 inches

Key Chain Rings:
Material: metal 
Color: silver
Shape: round with connected chain
Size: 1 inch

Key Chain Hook:
Material: metal
Color: silver
Size: 1.25 length

Connected Parts (2 included per 1 keychain):
Material: metal
Color: silver
Size: 8mm in diameter

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