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10 Pack | Hexagon Sublimation Keychain

10 Pack | Hexagon Sublimation Keychain

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-Compatible with Infusible Ink from Cricut!
-Suitable for sublimation printing!

::::: Sublimation Keychain Specifications ::::: 

Sublimation Blank Keychain Plastic PBT Double Sided Blank:
Material: Plastic PBT
Color: White
Shape: Hexagon
Size: 48 MM  | 1.89 IN Diameter 
Recommended Temp: 374°F | 190°C 
Pressing Time: 60sec 

** Please make sure to apply heat evenly. Uneven heat pressure will result uneven printing outcome. 
** Please make sure to use HEAT RESISTANT tape when you secure your Infusible Ink / Sublimation paper! 

Keychain Tassels:
Material: leather suede
Color: 8 colors variety, pick your own
Size: 1 1/2 inches

Key Chain Rings:
Material: metal
Color: gold
Shape: round with connected chain
Size: 1 inch

Key Chain Hook:
Material: metal
Color: gold
Size: 1.25 length

2 Connecting Parts:
Material: metal
Color: gold
You will use these connected parts to attach tassel and sublimation blank plate.

::::: Shipping  ::::: 

$4.5 flat fee for all US orders
FREE SHIPPING: $35+ US orders! 

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Elizabeth Gerena

I Love the way they sublimate